Get away with entrepreneurship

"The bootstrapper creates value"

What is entrepreneurship?
An idea packaged into an alluring story heralding a product designed as the solution for a problem.
How do you start?
Surmise your passions to find a pattern for your product and your business model. Decipher your passions and find your skills. Build on your product and create the words for an enchanting packageStart your enterprise as if you start a new love story. This would be your another love and type of loving because you put more than just time in your idea.

Brain fueling for your idea is always hard. All the more you should make use of your best. Your skills. Your skills will always help you in the direst of times. One should never start finding new ones as time is limited. In everything, your skills will make do.

You are likely to fail in your idea. Predictions break apart when you transfer them from paper to practice. Nothing seems to be the same. On this rugged path, you wish you had struck gold. Literally. You do business with people that assess you, judge you, jeer you, appreciate you…Everybody wants nothing but the best. And they often offer nothing in return.

No matter what you sell or do, do it right and well. Even if you don’t sell gold, leave an impression and a mark. Get the job done. If possible, leave a trail of delight that later will lead them back to you. And whatever you do, ask a simple question: Can I get away with it? Can I get away with my story/presentation/performance? We are all non/artists until we propose ourselves to put our passions into practice and become entrepreneurs.
“Art is what you can get away with.” – Andy Warhol

Art - Rafal Olbinski

Source - Facebook